Hi, and welcome to the DealerPrintz blog. As the creative force behind DealerPrintz, I thought I would share some interesting stories that won’t fit on your store’s site, but might prove interesting to you, and I’m going to start with the 2022 Mustang Mach-E’s reveal at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show. 

Over the decades, Ford had toyed with the idea of a Mustang sedan, a two-seat coupe, and even a station wagon. But the Mach-E proved to be an inspired move. After all, if not for the Mustang identity, the Mach-E would suffer the same fate as the C-Max. 

But as me and my journalist colleagues stepped off the shuttle at the Mach-E’s reveal site, we realized that it was next to Tesla’s design center outside Los Angeles. Ford claimed it was a coincidence. Um, yeah. Sure it was. 

Nonetheless, we were directed to enter an industrial building, which I did with a friend from a national media site. There we were greeted by four stages. Knowing there would be a huge international press pool, we quickly scoped out where to stand for the press conference. Having worked for ABC-TV for eight years, and Fox Business News for about a year, I checked it out. Two stages were open, meaning there would be some kind of entertainment. Another had two covered Mach-Es. But the fourth had two chairs, teleprompters, tape marks on the floor and a bevy of cameras. I chose spot behind that stage, between the two chairs. “This is probably where the heart of the presentation will be given the chairs,” I said to my colleague. “Let’s stand here. We can look the cars later.” 

You can see the results below. After the press conference I was able to chat with top Ford executives, some of whom I’ve known for years, about the Mach-E, which yielded the type of information you only get by being there, the inside insight that DealerPrintz delivers to you. 

– Larry Printz