Content Marketing for ford dealers

What happens when you bring 30 years of Ford content written by a professional automotive journalist and 15 years of SEO expertise?

What happens when you only make it exclusive to only 100 Ford stores?

It isn’t just about new cars anymore

Let’s face it, “new cars” and “profits” are not words that get used together anymore.  So why are so many Content Marketing and SEO companies focusing over 90% of their attention on new cars? We want to help change that. We have solutions that can help boost all areas of your business. Let us help you build a digital library of new and used car research for ALL buyers.

New Cars

Attract online shoppers to your most profitable inventroy

comparison pages

Be more relevant while continuing to attract local searches when researching a new or used vehicle.

Used Cars

Not everybody is in the market for a new car. Let us help you make the most of your used car inventory.